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Daily Schedule


Pre-Kinder 3

Mrs. D. Bazan

2019-2020 Schedule


7:35-8:00 Breakfast (LOD)


8:00-8:15 Morning Activities (LOD)


8:15-8:30 Language Arts Circle Time (English/M-W-F) (Spanish T-TH)


8:30-9:00 Language Arts Centers


9:00-10:00 Movement/ Motor skills Circle Time


10:00-10:40 Movement/Motor skills Centers


10:40-11:25 Almuerzo-Lunch (LOD)


11:25-11:40 Actividades de Tarde/ Afternoon Activities (LOD)


11:40-12:40 Rest Time/Snack Time


12:40-12:55 Mathematics Circle Time (English)


12:55-1:40 Mathematics Conceptual Refinement 


1:40-2:10 Circle Time/Read Aloud Song & Fingerplay


2:10-2:25 Ciencias (English)


2:25-2:40 Refinamiento Conceptual de Ciencias (English)


2:40-2:55 Estudios Sociales (Spanish)


2:55-3:05 Refinamiento Conceptual de Estudios Sociales (Spanish)


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Deisy Bazan

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