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Mary Rodriguez

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Welcome Parents/Guardians,

          Welcome to Grulla Elementary! The first day of school is a great milestone for your child. We are thrilled to be teaching your son/daughter as they begin the 2019-2020 school year. Starting 4th grade is a very important and exciting time in your child’s life and in your lives as well. We welcome you and want you to know that we will do everything we can to make your child’s year as successful as possible.

          You may be surprised at how challenging 4th grade is to our students! We will push all our students to perform their best while we prepare them to be productive citizens in our competitive community. Our goal is for every student to reach his or her developmental educational potential by building a strong academic foundation. A student’s academic success is based on developmental readiness, a nurturing environment, and parental involvement.

                   We believe that teachers and parents should work together to provide challenging and engaging learning experiences. This partnership will build children’s confidence and encourage them to continue to see learning as both enjoyable and provide a strong foundation for their future intellectual, physical and social development.


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Mary Rodriguez

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