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Socorro Chavana

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Looking forward to an awesome 2018 – 2019 school year!

I am so grateful to have your child in my classroom!


We have a year planned for your child and will put forth our best efforts to ensure

they are successful. We are looking forward to working together as

we dive into new and exciting lessons.


This year, your child will have 2 teachers:

Ms. A. Gonzalez and Ms. S. Chavana (myself)


Ms. A. Gonzalez : Reading, Spelling, Grammar, and Writing

Ms. S. Chavana : Math, Science, and Social Studies



Third grade will be an exciting year for a few reasons. Children are learning to be more thoughtful learners and writers. Students will become bookworms, by finding

a higher interest in reading and better problem solvers by developing

a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.


As third graders, students will be taking the STAAR exam. Throughout the year, your child will take practice STAAR exams which will call Benchmarks. In May your child will take their actual STAAR test for the first time for both reading and math. Both of your child's teachers will do their very best to prepare each and every student so that they are successful. Throughout the year, we expect third grade students to build their independence as they learn the importance of organization, accountability, work habits,

respectful behavior and safe practices. 


We are eager to work as a “teacher and parent team” to help make your child’s overall

learning experience is a positive and challenging one. Remember, the educational process

begins at home. We are only a tool for your child. To help build on that education

we need a “helping hand” that hand belongs to you!


There are so many wonderful experiences your child will have throughout the course of this year. It is our hope that they become independent learners who will

build confidence and a lifelong love of learning.


- Ms. S. Chavana -

Socorro Chavana

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